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Jacob, age 6, with his Samuel T. Moore of Corte Magore App on the iPad
Jacob, age 6, with his Samuel T. Moore of Corte Magore App on the iPad

Bi-line article written for Today’s Parent USA by Tonia Allen Gould

This fast-paced media environment we are experiencing today is continuously changing and has everyone confused. Parents too, are having a hard time catching-up on evolving trends. Like everyone else, they are trying to figure it all out, while their children seem to adapt and grasp onto technology without even a glimmer of thought. Look around you—in airport terminals, at outdoor cafes, and at the nearest Starbucks, it’s not uncommon to see a child, sometimes as young as two years old, sitting quietly and comfortably, glaring through the glossy screen of an iPad. One thing is for certain; these children are engaged and consumed by the technology they are accessing from the palm of their hands.

Today, there are an abundance of apps that can be accessed through general purpose tablets like the iPad. With only a touch of a finger, and a few moments of time, you can browse through books, games and educational apps for children from the iTunes App Store, for example, on your device. With so many options in front of you, it’s important to understand the landscape of where book media is today and where it is going, especially in the education and entertainment arenas. Picture books, for instance, on technology devices have turned into interactive, engaging “experiences,” complete with digital animation, narration and music. While we all hope that conventional books in the library will never really be replaced, it’s true that in just a few short years, book apps and eBooks have already changed the publishing world and redefined how books come to market. In fact, some book apps are starting to look something more like a Disney/Pixar movie than an actual picture book, and the book market will only get better from here.

Also, it’s important to understand that there are significant costs that go into the production of a single book app and this is why the good ones can’t be purchased for the price of a song. Still at $1.99-$7.99 or higher, the cost of a book app may be a much better value when compared to printed and bound books stocked at brick and mortar retailers like Barnes and Noble, where you can expect to pay at least twice the price of a book app or eBook. It’s these very same electronic books that can be found at other retailers, like Amazon, that are partially responsible for those big retailer’s declining sales.

It’s true that just a few short years ago; kids were snuggling up next to their parents to have a book read to them when their parents could take the time to sit down with them. Today’s kids are getting their books on demand and being read to by professional narrators, when mom’s lap isn’t available, and they are doing this right from the comfort of their own electronic devices. For parents, the reality is you don’t need to draw a line in the sand, and purchase your child’s books one way or the other. What’s most important is that your child is reading. Books of any kind are a good way for kids to start thinking and speaking early, but I for one, am looking forward to the positive influence technology can bring to those young minds.

Tonia Allen Gould is the producer and author of Samuel T. Moore of Corte Magore, an electronically published book app, available in the App Store on iTunes, and is also available by audio on CD Baby and through other media outlets. Published by Skies America, Gould creatively directed and hand-picked the celebrity talent to make this eBook/app an engaging experience for children ages four to eight-years-old. The app was illustrated by Marc Ceccarelli, a SpongeBob SquarePants storyboard director. It was narrated by two-time Marconi Award nominee, and radio personality, Mr. Steve McCoy. The original musical score was produced by country artist, Robby Armstrong.

Manchester University Radio Announcer Introduces Tonia Allen Gould as the “Future Mrs. Dr. Seuss”?

WBKE 89.5 "The Buzz" radio announcer, Michael Paynter, refers to Tonia Allen Gould as the "Future Mrs. Dr. Seuss"
WBKE 89.5 “The Buzz” radio announcer, Michael Paynter, refers to Tonia Allen Gould as the “Future Mrs. Dr. Seuss”
I really enjoyed my radio interview yesterday live with Michael Paynter from WBKE/The Beehive from Manchester University. Michael and I talked about what inspires children to read, how books can offer a positive form of escape from the world we live in, and also teach children that it’s okay to dream. During our talk, we touched on how animated and narrated eBooks or apps with music are changing the landscape of the children’s picture book market by bringing stories to life in a way that conventional books can’t. I have to admit that I had a good chuckle when Michael referred to me as the “Future Mrs. Dr. Seuss.” What a lovely compliment, and wouldn’t creating that kind of revered literary works be something that most authors only dare to dream about? I’ll keep dreaming, but thank you, Michael!

Here’s the taped feed from my interview with Michael Paynter, 89.5 “The Buzz”.

And, would the real Mrs. Dr. Seuss, please stand up.

Speaking of which, here's more on the real, Mrs. Dr. Seuss.  It's kind of a sad story.
Speaking of which, here’s more on the real, Mrs. Dr. Seuss. It’s kind of a sad story.

Steve McCoy Writes a Tribute to #SamuelTMoore

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by: steve-mccoy
A “Crabby” Chance Meeting

I’ve been so lucky in my business life over the years. I was able to find an occupation where (despite getting up at 3am every morning )was filled with more fun than should be allowed by law. I was blessed enough to be able to turn doing a morning radio show in one city, into a career that lasted over 30 plus years. I stopped counting when one of my own kids said to me one day “Ya know Dad, you’re not Ryan Seacrest” a reference made about the young man, filled with talent, whom worked with us at Star 94 as a junior in high school here in Atlanta.

Along the route of radio,I was always doing voice work, and naturally as most radio people do when they tire of getting up early, I built a studio in my home and started doing voice work full time. Over the decades of daily voices I’ve had a blast creating magic with just my voice, designing characters for commercials, video games, documentaries or church bulletins. I’ve played the part of a stapler at Office Depot, a Furby, Apostles Peter and Paul, I’ve played Lincoln for a documentary on PBS, and yesterday I got to be a junk food bag with an Italian accent. How much fun is that?

But back in March of this year, on a day that I was supposed to be gone for my birthday celebration I auditioned for a children’s book about a fiddler crab named Sam, who fought against the odds to prevail in building a home on a magical island.

Now, I love doing children’s stories, especially when I can get to play characters as I narrate the story. In the past, I’ve narrated audio books for Alice in Wonderland, a book about a little boy who lived among Giants, and a few others. So instead of being 25 minutes early to a dinner celebration with friends, I decided for the first time in my life that I was going to be 30 minutes late for my dinner celebration with friends and audition for Samuel T. Moore from Corte Magore. Written by Tonia Allen Gould.

Little did I know while auditioning that this was a dream of a young Mom from Calif. who was reaching beyond her own stars to write and publish her first children’s story.

When I was contacted by the agency that Tonia had chosen me to be the voice of her book, and that she was requesting to be on Skype with me as I read the project I was thrilled to get the job.

Doing the voice work while being on Skype with a director, or producer or someone in charge is not unusual at all, and being married and having 3 children of my own, I certainly understood the demands of a Mother who was being protective of her new baby Samuel. What I didn’t realize at the time is that it wasn’t by chance that I was late for my birthday celebration to do the audition, I think it was one of those things that was kinda destine to happen…as if it we’re created by JJ Abrams for his very famous TV show LOST.

As we Skype’d, and made small talk, I learned that she had “googled” and had thoroughly researched me before making her careful choice for her narrator. And I quickly realized that this Mom who probably has run 1001 carpools, had 15 themed birthday parties for her two children, made countless sacrifices for her family members, had this energy that reached through my Mac pro screen and grabbed me. As we recorded the story written in prose that had to be just right, Tonia would kindly stopped me when I added a word (something I tend to do in sessions when I’m a little nervous)… and I was nervous because I wanted to make sure that I was doing the best job for this perhaps once in a lifetime project for Tonia.

See, Tonia had an excitement about this story that revitalized me once our Skype session ended and made me realize that no matter what your age ( not that Tonia is old-I’m actually more than 10 years her senior) that you should never settle into your daily routine in life as a Mother or Father. Yes, raising young human beings into good and life achieving adults is a career achievement in itself, and something (especially in this day and age) that we can all be proud of as a job well done. But also, that if you have a dream to do something else, and stretch those hidden talents beyond living just for parental duties that you should take the time to do something you never might do otherwise. My wife Linda also realized this a few years back and went back to college becoming a freshman at 50.

I love more than anything when I can learn something from someone younger than myself. In a strange way it makes me feel (sadly), that I may have missed something in my 30’s or 40’s…something that I should have experienced and perhaps missed out on).

As we finished the voice work on Samuel T. Moore on Corte Magore and I learned about Tonia’s family and I regaled her with stories of my 3 offspring and probably bragged too much about my three grandkids. But as the disconnect sound of the Skype session went “Bleep-Bloop” I felt like I had made a new friend, someone who I would keep in touch with and I realized that I wanted to do whatever I could to help Tonia to make this book a success.

I was high off her energy and revitalized. In the weeks from March to July 1st, the release date for Sammy the fiddler crab on iTunes I started creating some video’s on my mac to market the story for Tonia. I found some software that helped me to create a video of a wave from the ocean that would reveal the title of the book and its release date. I would create four or five videos and send them to Tonia. We’d both place them up on social media sites and she seemed to love them. We would correspond with each other on marketing ideas for Sam, even looking at real islands for sale to become the island of Corte Magore so that it no longer had to be a fictional island but could become a real place.

I guess if there’s a moral to this story, it may seem trite, but no matter what your age, you never know who you might meet or come across on a chance meeting. There is probably something to learn from each person you meet on your path of life, and even at 59 there’s something to pick up or borrow or steal from that person and use in your own life.

And just like Samuel T. Moore of Corte Magore teaches his young readers ( or listeners to Lucy, Jack and Connor’s Papa) to never give up despite the odds being against you. That your never too old to enjoy new adventures and reach beyond that dream and make it a reality. Just make sure your back in that carpool line in time to pick up the kids from School.

If you’d like to download “Samuel T. Moore of Corte Magore” a musical and interactive book, click on the link below:

I was honored to be included in this project along the talents of “Mr.Lawrence” one of the original illustrators of SpongeBob Squarepants and the voice of Plankton. Also,musical score by Robbie Armstrong,and of course author Tonia Allen Gould. Three people I hope to meet someday.


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Samuel T. Moore of Corte Magore

By Tonia Allen Gould



–Determined Cartoon Crab Sets Out to Build Himself a Home

             Samuel T. Moore of Corte Magore (Skies America Publishing, 2013) by children’s author Tonia Allen Gould tells the story of Sam, a small cartoon land and sea fiddler crab (complete with a fiddle and a bow) that finds himself on the sandy shores of an idyllic island named Corte Magore. When he arrives at Corte Magore, Sam decides he wants to make this place his permanent home, but he realizes he will have to build himself a shelter from the rising tides that could take him and his fiddle and bow back out to sea. He must work diligently – and ignore mocking from hermit crabs and seagulls and beat the clock on his arch nemesis, The Great Tidal Wave – if he wants to stay.

            Gould’s daughter, now a sophomore in college, was just two years old when she inspired Sam’s story. “We were taking a drive to Santa Barbara and talking about our beach day ahead, when I heard her babbling what sounded like, ‘Corte Magore, Corte Magore, Corte Magore,’ over and over again,” Gould says. “My family knows that publishing this story has been a dream since that day. I want kids to believe, mine especially, that it’s important to dream and that almost anything is possible if you’re willing to do the work.”

            As a mother, Gould knew Sam’s story would have to be unique and interactive to capture the attention of today’s children, so she decided to publish the book as an iPad app with original animation, an engaging voiceover, and upbeat Americana music. As a marketing expert, Gould was determined to assemble a powerhouse team to create a book that both children and parents would enjoy. Sam’s story is partially illustrated by “Mr. Lawrence,” an original illustrator of SpongeBob SquarePants; the musical score was written and produced by up-and-coming Nashville musician Robby Armstrong; and the book is narrated by radio personality Steve McCoy, a two-time Marconi Award Nominee.

            “I wanted Sam’s story to be an engaging and interactive process,” Gould explains. “Unfortunately, you can’t include animations, voice, and music in a conventional book. But producing the book as an iPad App allowed us to create a whole new world for little ones to enjoy.”

            The short, colorful eBook (available through the iTunes store for $4.99) explores several important themes for young readers, including:

  • ·   The concept of “building a home”
  • ·   Hard work and self-reliance
  • ·   Daring to dream of a better life
  • ·   Overcoming adversity
  • ·   Dealing with bullies and naysayers

          “I want this story to help parents start a conversation about hard work, dedication, and independence,” Gould adds. “Sam does everything himself in this book, and he doesn’t ask for help. I want children to understand that life isn’t always peaches and cream, but if you’re willing to put your nose to the grindstone and ignore bullies and naysayers, in the end, everything usually works out okay.”

Tonia Allen Gould is a wife, mother, author, marketing expert, and sought after speaker. She is the founder and CEO of Tagsource, formerly Tag! The Creative Source, an award-winning eighteen-year-old consumer promotions and marketing agency, and BRANDHUDDLE, a new marketing startup that caters to clients, suppliers, and distributors of promotional branding products.

In Samuel T. Moore of Corte Magore  (Skies America Publishing, July 2013), Gould explores the concepts of perseverance, hard work, bullying, and finding a place to call home for young readers. Samuel T. Moore of Corte Magore is available through the iTunes store for $4.99 and can be purchased here.


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Samuel T. Moore of Corte Magore Releases on iTunes for iPad

Samuel T. Moore of Corte Magore just released on iTunes. A formal press announcement will follow. But, for tonight, my dream has finally come true!

–T.A Gould


Author Announces Release Date of #Animated #Childrens #Picturebook

Author Announces Release Date

Author, Tonia Allen Gould, announces the release date of her animated and narrated children’s picture book, coming on 7/1/13 on iTunes.