Hug-A-Tree on our island of “Corte Magore” and Keep Nicaraguan Kids in School

HugATree on Corte Magore and have your tax deductible donation work to keep Nicaraguan children in school through the Finding Corte Magore project.
HugATree on Corte Magore and have your tax deductible donation work to keep Nicaraguan children in school through the Finding Corte Magore project.

Join us on our first money-raising initiative for the Finding Corte Magore​ project. With your tax deductible $250+ donation – you, or someone you love – can be memorialized forever by “Hugging a Tree” on Corte Magore, at Hog Cay, Bluefields, Nicaragua​. I promise you, with every ounce of my being, your money will be put to very “GOOD” use.

On Google Maps the Coordinates for Corte Magore at Hog Cay are the following:

11°59’25.2″N 83°45’09.7″W

Here´s an aerial view of the island.

Tree Huggers® are created using high-grade stainless steel and are noted for being the only tree plaque that gently wraps around the tree (by means of plastic-encased springs) and expands without harming it as it grows! It will not rust or corrode or release any harmful toxins or chemicals that could harm the tree.  There are hundreds and hundreds of trees on Corte Magore at Hog Cay, Nicaragua – and we anticipate that eventually, every one of them will be memorialized by our donors.   Click here to make your tax deductible donation.

The Finding Corte Magore Project Problem: 42% of all children along the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua drop out of school by sixth grade, if they ever enroll at all. Poverty in Nicaragua drives kids out of school and into the workplace. (The Guardian).  They drop out because they don’t have shoes to walk to school, because they have to watch their siblings while their parents work, or because they have to work to support their families. They drop out because they see school as pointless. Guess what? They’re right. There are no jobs waiting for students if and when they graduate. Which means poverty will live on in Nicaragua forever. Unless…

Solution: Our project, led by Author, and Entrepreneur, Tonia Allen Gould, along with her team, aims to start to reverse this cycle of poverty in one large region of Nicaragua by driving sustainable, best practices, social good tourism to Bluefields via the island of Corte Magore at Hog Cay, Nicaragua. Our social enterprise works like this: Eco-Tourists and Flashpackers visit our island in Bluefields, driving revenue to fund programs such as: Jobs and job training on the island for locals seeking to better provide for their families, such as eco-building, island maintenance, security, hospitality, transportation, and cooking, training they can take back to their communities to earn money. By showing kids along the Atlantic Coast that their parents can be trained and then gainfully employed, we can offer children hope for a better life for themselves. Hope that may start to reverse the cycle of poverty.  By providing job opportunities for parents and making school meaningful for students, the island will free students to stay in school, go after their dreams, and spread prosperity as they become business-owners, entrepreneurs, tourism professionals, artists, scientists, coders, teachers…

We also intend to fund educational programs for students in Nicaragua – programs like a floating educational barge that delivers teachers and and school supplies to remote indigenous regions, after school sports and crafts programs that only students who stay in school can partake in, or on-island biodiversity and environmental learning research camps for older students.

The Finding Corte Magore project will establish ecotourism operations in under-developed and ecologically vulnerable areas, and set the precedent for sustainable development in a way that prevents the destruction of pristine natural habitats by irresponsible tourism. The FCM business model will be validated in the Hog Cay pilot site in Nicaragua given the biodiversity attributes and relative lack of development in the area, as well as the recent influx of visitors to the country. The FCM platform will subsequently be exported to similarly vulnerable areas with a viable and repeatable business model that creates investable and scalable opportunities to promote sustainable development.

Meanwhile, we intend to build a global, K-12 environmental learning curriculum from eco-projects happening on the island -which is an identified bio-diverse hotspot, projects that have research attraction from many of our potential partners and universities, as well as will put locals to work with proper training:

  • Building our Eco-Beach complete with a volleyball pit
  • Mangrove protection and devising ways to eliminate natural, island erosion
  • Building the bar and commissary
  • Renovating the basketball court with recyclable products like used tires
  • Building floating casitas
  • Training of locals to do construction, learn hospitality, cooking, bartending and how to captain a panga, etc.
  • Creating a Zipline from one part of the island to the other or connecting the island to a neighboring island via zipline that won’t infringe on passing boats
  • Eco-Spa – Building natural, spas from collected rainwater
  • Lighting the island for evenings
  • Building eco-sensitive tree houses on the island
  • Rebuilding the island’s suspension bridge
  • Artisanal Fishing Demonstrations with natives
  • Creating Cultural Excursions like to the Garifuna annual anniversary celebration
  • Coral Reef Restoration Projects
  • Turtle Protection and Migration Projects
  • Building Photovoltaic thermal hybrid solar collectors to convert solar radiation into thermal and electrical energy to power the island and how people may be use similar technology to power their lives after a hurricane
  • Farming Mussels in the lagoon to clean up the brown water
  • Various Eco-Farming projects – (we have access to an eco-farm across the lagoon) – training on planting and growing foods in tropical climates despite global warming
  • Figuring out how to divert town rain water and brown water from flowing into the lagoon
  • Creating and traveling with our floating educational barge to indigenous regions, bringing education to children who otherwise can’t access education
  • Inventing hurricane resistant “kit” housing for poor coastal communities led by a team of engineers in a think tank
  • Building a bird sanctuary
  • Creating Vertical Gardening Systems despite the clay soil which is conducive to growing certain types of food only
  • Implementing fishing best practices
  • Introducing diving to the area and along the many shipwrecked boats
  • Finding the tradewinds and introducing surfing to areas which are untapped or undiscovered

No other tourism venture strategically connects the dots between social good, environmentalism and education – making our project the first of its kind and further promoting sustainability by making the number of visitors, to the island, virtually limitless. Planned educational opportunities at FCM are extensive and do not just include educational experiences consumed by the eco-tourists we attract. Rather, we see an opportunity to build a K-12 environmental educational platform that makes FCM virtually accessible from anywhere in the world. A FCM student/teacher/professor/university inspired curriculum will be at the core of our offerings.

We have been in talks with many notable agencies and insitutions such as NOAA, Conservation International, CREST and UCSB’s Bren School of Environmental Science. Sustainable, best practices and conscientious travel is imperative to this region or it may be devastated by tourists. That said, the tourism is still coming to the region regardless, here’s why:  Eco-Tourism is already happening in Nicaragua  A dirt road from Managua that normally takes twelve hours to drive, is currently being paved. This connects the Atlantic Coast to the rest of Nicaragua without having to fly.  Lonely Planet calls Nicaragua the Top 4 place in the world to visit  The Canal de Nicaragua is a shipping route under construction through Nicaragua to connect the Caribbean Sea (and therefore the Atlantic Ocean) with the Pacific Ocean.

Our business partner is: Ambassador Francisco Campbell, Nicaraguan Ambassador to the U.S. and owner of 29-acre, Hog Cay. FCM has negotiated a 15-year leasehold already on the island. We are halfway there to make our vision at Corte Magore a reality.

Hog Cay Google Coordinates: 11°59’25.2″N 83°45’09.7″W.

We believe the dreams of children are the most precious resource in Nicaragua – but also the most squandered. So many dreams go unfulfilled due to extreme poverty. Something needs to be done about this.  Every child deserves a shot to go after their dreams, and the Finding Corte Magore Project intends to give it to them. We believe that achieving dreams can not only elevate children above their birth circumstances, but also their communities and, over time, their nation.

We have acquired the island through a lot of hard work and dedication, and now we need to build it out, develop programs and put the island to work to keep a nation of children in school.

Finding Corte Magore is a California Benefit Company. The purpose of a benefit corporation includes creating general public benefit, which is defined as a material positive impact on society and the environment. A benefit corporation’s directors and officers operate the business with the same authority as in a traditional corporation but are required to consider the impact of their decisions not only on shareholders but also on society and the environment. Finding Corte Magore at Hog Cay, Nicaragua is a Nicaraguan joint partnership formed under Nicaraguan law.

Project hyperlinks:

Finding Corte Magore –

Tonia Allen Gould –, author and founder

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Donate to FCM via PayPal (Donations are charitable and tax deductible)

Oh, and one day, we hope to see you visit us on Corte Magore!

Aerial Photo of Hog Cay - Left The Bluff and Caribbean Sea - Right Bluefields - Top Rama Cay - Bottom Escondido River

My Hometown Newspapers Connect the Dots Between My Background, Book and the Island of Corte Magore

By Culver Citizen Editor, Jeff Kenney - Culver, Indiana
By Culver Citizen Editor, Jeff Kenney

Would Your Child’s Teacher Enjoy Free Books?

This month, I am giving away Samuel T. Moore of Corte Magore. Twenty-four autographed books will go to one special PK or K-5 teacher and her classroom. All you have to do is write individually on my Author’s Page on Facebook- not here in this post – why “your” teacher deserves the gift of books in his or her classroom. The story with the most likes on my wall gets the books. Contest ends 12/31. Who knows, I might even pay that class a visit sometime in 2015. Approximate retail value of the books is $500. Happy Holidays!



Samuel T. Moore of Corte Magore Special Price for October!

Author, Tonia Allen Gould, with Samuel T. Moore of Corte Magore Photograph by JennKL Photography:

I’ve arranged a special hardcover book price for October. You can order an autographed book for $12.99 + shipping.

Stock up for the perfect holiday gift for that little loved one in your life.


Tonia Allen Gould

Camarillo Hosts 5th Annual World Multicultural BookFest

The Fifth Annual Multicultural World BookFest will be held at the Camarillo Community Center on Saturday, November 1, 2014 from 10am-3pm.
I’ve been selected as one of the children’s book authors to present at the event at 11:00 AM, followed by book signings and readings.

• We will have six storytents representing: Asia; Africa; Latin America, North America, Europe, and Australia & New Zealand.

Location: Camarillo Community Center 1605 E. Burnley Street.
Take the 101fwy exit at Carmen Drive. Going north turn right @ light. Going south make 2 left turns; go over fwy. Continue on Carmen past City Hall to 4 way stop which is Burnley. Turn right then left into parking lot. Event will be inside the gated Community Center Room

Please join us for a day of books, readings, food trucks, fun and culture.

Hope to see you there!

Tonia Allen Gould/Author
Samuel T. Moore of Corte Magore


My Book Signing at Mrs. Figs’ Bookworm

Thanks to Connie, the proprietor at Mrs. Figs’ Bookworm for the great book signing today! If you haven’t checked out her delightful bookstore in Camarillo, please do so and don’t forget to ask for your copy of Samuel T. Moore of Corte Magore while you are there.






Ready to Sail to Corte Magore?

Samuel T. Moore of Corte Magore Book Cover
Samuel T. Moore of Corte Magore Book Cover Market QR Code to Book

I’m super pleased to announce both my soft-cover and hard-cover books are ready to ship! A bulk order link to the publisher will be supplied soon. In the meantime, click on this link and head on over to my marketplace to order my book and gift a child a piece of literature that teaches about hard work, perseverance and overcoming obstacles. Thanks for your support and encouragement along the way!

Onwards & Upwards!

Tonia Allen Gould

P.S. Be on the lookout for the gift-with-purchase announcements coming soon!


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                             Contact: Patti Pape, Principal

1600 E. Hillcrest Drive
Thousand Oaks, CA 91362

(805) 496-2419


Published Author, Tonia Allen Gould, Spends Day with Students at Ascension Lutheran School

THOUSAND OAKS, CA – December 16, 2013 – On January 31, 2014, Tonia Allen Gould, author of children’s book, Samuel T. Moore of Corte Magore, will pay a visit to a local private K-8, Ascension Lutheran School to empower, encourage, and enthuse the student body.

In the musical picture book app currently available on iTunes, which will soon be available in print, Gould tells the story of a tenacious land and sea fiddler crab that finds himself on the sandy shores of an idyllic island named Corte Magore. When he arrives at Corte Magore, Sam decides he wants to make this place his permanent home, but he realizes he will have to build himself a shelter from the rising tides that could take him and his fiddle and bow back out to sea. He must work diligently – and ignore mocking from hermit crabs and seagulls and beat the clock on his arch nemesis, The Great Tidal Wave – if he wants to stay.  Sam marches forward with his mission, even though he is met with adversary while onlookers and naysayers mock him in disbelief.

This book ties in the foundational themes of perseverance and motivation, around which Gould will be centering her day at the school. Dividing her day into short, 45-minute sessions amongst different grade levels, Gould will focus her energy on different themes, experiences, and workshops that she and the teachers feel will best pertain to the different age levels. “Ascension Lutheran School students and staff have been focusing heavily on the writing process, especially as it relates to applications cross curricular and preparing engaged writers in each aspect of their lives,” says Kindergarten Teacher and Curriculum Coach, Deanne Phillips.  “Our goal is to leave the students with a lasting impression from an author who mirrors our agenda.”

“I want to level the playing field, in a sense,” says Gould. “Kids are always told that they need to work hard to make their dreams come true. That becomes a broken record. I want them to actually believe in the possibility of their dreams so they will make the choice to work hard at an early age. Stories have a way of driving important messages home.”  At the end of the day, it will be most important to Gould that she was able to ignite a fire of creativity within the students. With that in mind, she will be working with the students on channeling their imaginations to create illustrations and short stories.

Tonia Allen Gould is a wife, mother, author, marketing expert, and sought after speaker. She is the founder of Tagsource, an award-winning consumer promotions and marketing agency, and BRANDHUDDLE, a new marketing startup that caters to clients, suppliers, and distributors of promotional branding products.

In Samuel T. Moore of Corte Magore (Skies America Publishing, July 2013), Gould explores the concepts of perseverance, hard work, bullying, and finding a place to call home for young readers. Samuel T. Moore of Corte Magore is available through the iTunes store for $4.99.

For more information about the author, visit:








Author’s Comments:

For the event, I have prearranged special soft-cover books for sale and will remain on campus to sign your child’s preordered book.  The book is available  for $9.99.  10% of net proceeds from the book will go back to Ascension Lutheran to help fund more programs like this one. An additional 10% of all net proceeds, after expenses will go to Tonia’s “Finding Corte Magore” campaign. Her goal is to help increase literacy rates in third-world countries through social entrepreneurialism, starting with Nicaragua, a country that has a fifth grade drop-out rate.  Book orders are due at day of event and the order form can be handed to the author who will sign them after school.  The general public will be able to order online shortly.

Steve McCoy Writes a Tribute to #SamuelTMoore

Reblogged from Tumblr.

by: steve-mccoy
A “Crabby” Chance Meeting

I’ve been so lucky in my business life over the years. I was able to find an occupation where (despite getting up at 3am every morning )was filled with more fun than should be allowed by law. I was blessed enough to be able to turn doing a morning radio show in one city, into a career that lasted over 30 plus years. I stopped counting when one of my own kids said to me one day “Ya know Dad, you’re not Ryan Seacrest” a reference made about the young man, filled with talent, whom worked with us at Star 94 as a junior in high school here in Atlanta.

Along the route of radio,I was always doing voice work, and naturally as most radio people do when they tire of getting up early, I built a studio in my home and started doing voice work full time. Over the decades of daily voices I’ve had a blast creating magic with just my voice, designing characters for commercials, video games, documentaries or church bulletins. I’ve played the part of a stapler at Office Depot, a Furby, Apostles Peter and Paul, I’ve played Lincoln for a documentary on PBS, and yesterday I got to be a junk food bag with an Italian accent. How much fun is that?

But back in March of this year, on a day that I was supposed to be gone for my birthday celebration I auditioned for a children’s book about a fiddler crab named Sam, who fought against the odds to prevail in building a home on a magical island.

Now, I love doing children’s stories, especially when I can get to play characters as I narrate the story. In the past, I’ve narrated audio books for Alice in Wonderland, a book about a little boy who lived among Giants, and a few others. So instead of being 25 minutes early to a dinner celebration with friends, I decided for the first time in my life that I was going to be 30 minutes late for my dinner celebration with friends and audition for Samuel T. Moore from Corte Magore. Written by Tonia Allen Gould.

Little did I know while auditioning that this was a dream of a young Mom from Calif. who was reaching beyond her own stars to write and publish her first children’s story.

When I was contacted by the agency that Tonia had chosen me to be the voice of her book, and that she was requesting to be on Skype with me as I read the project I was thrilled to get the job.

Doing the voice work while being on Skype with a director, or producer or someone in charge is not unusual at all, and being married and having 3 children of my own, I certainly understood the demands of a Mother who was being protective of her new baby Samuel. What I didn’t realize at the time is that it wasn’t by chance that I was late for my birthday celebration to do the audition, I think it was one of those things that was kinda destine to happen…as if it we’re created by JJ Abrams for his very famous TV show LOST.

As we Skype’d, and made small talk, I learned that she had “googled” and had thoroughly researched me before making her careful choice for her narrator. And I quickly realized that this Mom who probably has run 1001 carpools, had 15 themed birthday parties for her two children, made countless sacrifices for her family members, had this energy that reached through my Mac pro screen and grabbed me. As we recorded the story written in prose that had to be just right, Tonia would kindly stopped me when I added a word (something I tend to do in sessions when I’m a little nervous)… and I was nervous because I wanted to make sure that I was doing the best job for this perhaps once in a lifetime project for Tonia.

See, Tonia had an excitement about this story that revitalized me once our Skype session ended and made me realize that no matter what your age ( not that Tonia is old-I’m actually more than 10 years her senior) that you should never settle into your daily routine in life as a Mother or Father. Yes, raising young human beings into good and life achieving adults is a career achievement in itself, and something (especially in this day and age) that we can all be proud of as a job well done. But also, that if you have a dream to do something else, and stretch those hidden talents beyond living just for parental duties that you should take the time to do something you never might do otherwise. My wife Linda also realized this a few years back and went back to college becoming a freshman at 50.

I love more than anything when I can learn something from someone younger than myself. In a strange way it makes me feel (sadly), that I may have missed something in my 30’s or 40’s…something that I should have experienced and perhaps missed out on).

As we finished the voice work on Samuel T. Moore on Corte Magore and I learned about Tonia’s family and I regaled her with stories of my 3 offspring and probably bragged too much about my three grandkids. But as the disconnect sound of the Skype session went “Bleep-Bloop” I felt like I had made a new friend, someone who I would keep in touch with and I realized that I wanted to do whatever I could to help Tonia to make this book a success.

I was high off her energy and revitalized. In the weeks from March to July 1st, the release date for Sammy the fiddler crab on iTunes I started creating some video’s on my mac to market the story for Tonia. I found some software that helped me to create a video of a wave from the ocean that would reveal the title of the book and its release date. I would create four or five videos and send them to Tonia. We’d both place them up on social media sites and she seemed to love them. We would correspond with each other on marketing ideas for Sam, even looking at real islands for sale to become the island of Corte Magore so that it no longer had to be a fictional island but could become a real place.

I guess if there’s a moral to this story, it may seem trite, but no matter what your age, you never know who you might meet or come across on a chance meeting. There is probably something to learn from each person you meet on your path of life, and even at 59 there’s something to pick up or borrow or steal from that person and use in your own life.

And just like Samuel T. Moore of Corte Magore teaches his young readers ( or listeners to Lucy, Jack and Connor’s Papa) to never give up despite the odds being against you. That your never too old to enjoy new adventures and reach beyond that dream and make it a reality. Just make sure your back in that carpool line in time to pick up the kids from School.

If you’d like to download “Samuel T. Moore of Corte Magore” a musical and interactive book, click on the link below:

I was honored to be included in this project along the talents of “Mr.Lawrence” one of the original illustrators of SpongeBob Squarepants and the voice of Plankton. Also,musical score by Robbie Armstrong,and of course author Tonia Allen Gould. Three people I hope to meet someday.


Kids With the App and The Crab Dance, Too!

If you’ve downloaded the app and your kids are so inspired, send me a video clip of them doing their crab dance with the pincer hands for a future Sam’s Crab Dance compilation.