What Do a Nashville Star and a Children’s Picture Book Have in Common?


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Robby Armstrong Produces First Musical Score For Children’s eBook, “Samuel T. Moore of Corte Magore”

eBook/App now available on iTunes

(Nashville, Tenn. – July 17, 2013) Country artist Robby Armstrong has produced the musical score for the children’s eBook, Samuel T. Moore of Corte Magore (Skies America Publishing, 2013), which is now available on iTunes.

A children’s book written by Tonia Allen Gould, the story is of a tenacious land and sea fiddler crab that will stop at nothing to build and save his home from his rival. Complete with a fiddle and his bow, Samuel T. Moore marches forward with his mission, even though he is met with adversary while onlookers and naysayers mock him in disbelief. The book teaches children about courage and tenacity, to stand up and fight for what they believe in.

Gould creatively directed and hand-picked the celebrity talent to make this eBook/app an engaging experience for children ages four to eight years old, leading up to the animation where Skies America Publishing Company picked up the project.

The eBook was partially illustrated by one of the original creators of SpongeBob Square Pants, “Mr. Lawrence” who, incidentally, is also the voice of Plankton from the hit, animated series by Nickelodeon. The narration is done by two-time Marconi Award nominee, and one of the top radio personalities, broadcasters, and voice-overs in the country, Mr. Steve McCoy. Steve is a major market voice and his work for animation has become famous. In addition to his many character-related projects, he did the voice work for a Rise of the Guardians app by DreamWorks Animation.

Samuel T. Moore of Corte Magore is available through the iTunes store for $4.99.

The release of the eBook coincides with Armstrong’s current single release, “Rodeo,” which is currently at Country radio. Written by Armstrong and Darrell Brown, the toe-tapping track is Robby’s first single from his forthcoming 2013 full-length album, which is additionally produced by Brown (LeAnn Rimes, Ty Herndon, Radney Foster). Robby has three songs, including “Rodeo” in the major motion picture, Gambit (featuring Cameron Diaz, Colin Firth), wherein he and his band make a cameo appearance. The songs are also on the official soundtrack. Additionally, “Rodeo” is featured in The Sims video game and has been heard at Angels’ stadium as the Los Angeles Angels’ rally song. The dance remix for the song is circulating through line dance clubs across the country.

For more information, visit RobbyArmstrong.net.

Got $4.99 and a Penchant for Rhyme?

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About a determined crab who arrived on Corte Magore

On iTunes for iPad now


Don’t Expect Young Readers to Emote

Last night, I was at a 4th of July party, relaxing by the pool and enjoying small talk with another mom. This new acquaintance was intrigued by my just released book, Samuel T. Moore of Corte Magore, available in the App Store for iPad. The nice lady, a mother of eight-year-old triplets (God bless her!) had never seen animated children’s books on the iPad. One of her children, an avid reader, wandered by and she introduced me as a writer/author of a book, and asked me to show it to him. I, of course, was happy to oblige.

The boy listened and read along with the story, but he didn’t smile or laugh or emote in any way. Page after page, I became worried that the boy stood there only to be polite. Occasionally, he’d glance up at me to see why I was staring at him (awkward!) and then he’d turn back to the narrated story and read along. Really, I was dying inside for his reaction, absolutely any reaction from him would ease my growing level of concern.

When the book finally ended, he looked up at me and simply said, “Can I see more books you wrote?” And then he turned to his mom and asked if she could buy him my book.

Young readers who are engaged, don’t necessarily wear their emotions on their sleeves. As a parent myself, this is good to know in the types of selections I help my own young reader make. But also, this boy reminded me why I strove to become a published author in the first place. I didn’t write for the reaction to my stories, rather, I wrote so that my words would be enjoyed while learning lessons along the way. This young reader enjoyed my book in his own way, for that–I am now sure. Mission accomplished!

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For Immediate Release

Copyright 2013 Tonia Allen Gould, All Rights Reserved

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                         

Contact: Lauren Covello

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Samuel T. Moore of Corte Magore

By Tonia Allen Gould



–Determined Cartoon Crab Sets Out to Build Himself a Home

             Samuel T. Moore of Corte Magore (Skies America Publishing, 2013) by children’s author Tonia Allen Gould tells the story of Sam, a small cartoon land and sea fiddler crab (complete with a fiddle and a bow) that finds himself on the sandy shores of an idyllic island named Corte Magore. When he arrives at Corte Magore, Sam decides he wants to make this place his permanent home, but he realizes he will have to build himself a shelter from the rising tides that could take him and his fiddle and bow back out to sea. He must work diligently – and ignore mocking from hermit crabs and seagulls and beat the clock on his arch nemesis, The Great Tidal Wave – if he wants to stay.

            Gould’s daughter, now a sophomore in college, was just two years old when she inspired Sam’s story. “We were taking a drive to Santa Barbara and talking about our beach day ahead, when I heard her babbling what sounded like, ‘Corte Magore, Corte Magore, Corte Magore,’ over and over again,” Gould says. “My family knows that publishing this story has been a dream since that day. I want kids to believe, mine especially, that it’s important to dream and that almost anything is possible if you’re willing to do the work.”

            As a mother, Gould knew Sam’s story would have to be unique and interactive to capture the attention of today’s children, so she decided to publish the book as an iPad app with original animation, an engaging voiceover, and upbeat Americana music. As a marketing expert, Gould was determined to assemble a powerhouse team to create a book that both children and parents would enjoy. Sam’s story is partially illustrated by “Mr. Lawrence,” an original illustrator of SpongeBob SquarePants; the musical score was written and produced by up-and-coming Nashville musician Robby Armstrong; and the book is narrated by radio personality Steve McCoy, a two-time Marconi Award Nominee.

            “I wanted Sam’s story to be an engaging and interactive process,” Gould explains. “Unfortunately, you can’t include animations, voice, and music in a conventional book. But producing the book as an iPad App allowed us to create a whole new world for little ones to enjoy.”

            The short, colorful eBook (available through the iTunes store for $4.99) explores several important themes for young readers, including:

  • ·   The concept of “building a home”
  • ·   Hard work and self-reliance
  • ·   Daring to dream of a better life
  • ·   Overcoming adversity
  • ·   Dealing with bullies and naysayers

          “I want this story to help parents start a conversation about hard work, dedication, and independence,” Gould adds. “Sam does everything himself in this book, and he doesn’t ask for help. I want children to understand that life isn’t always peaches and cream, but if you’re willing to put your nose to the grindstone and ignore bullies and naysayers, in the end, everything usually works out okay.”

Tonia Allen Gould is a wife, mother, author, marketing expert, and sought after speaker. She is the founder and CEO of Tagsource, formerly Tag! The Creative Source, an award-winning eighteen-year-old consumer promotions and marketing agency, and BRANDHUDDLE, a new marketing startup that caters to clients, suppliers, and distributors of promotional branding products.

In Samuel T. Moore of Corte Magore  (Skies America Publishing, July 2013), Gould explores the concepts of perseverance, hard work, bullying, and finding a place to call home for young readers. Samuel T. Moore of Corte Magore is available through the iTunes store for $4.99 and can be purchased here.


For more information, visit:

 Website: http://www.toniaallengould.com

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/toniaallengould

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/toniaallengould

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/tagsource/






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