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Hi there!
I am browsing for new apps for kids in the iTunes App Store and I saw Samuel T. Moore of Corte Magore by: Tonia Allen Gould. I think it looks interesting! So I have added it into the iHeartThisApp directory – Samuel T. Moore of Corte Magore by: Tonia Allen Gould!

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On the seventh day, the God of Books, Named Amazon, Spoke to the Aspiring Writers and Said…

Tonia Author
Author of Samuel T. Moore of Corte Magore. Tonia’s book releases on iTunes on 7/1/13.

And, on the first day, the Book World was created. The Great American Writers flocked to the new world and endlessly wrote to express themselves. The Prolific Readers soon came in droves to read and decipher what the Great American Writers had to say, and before long, the Gatekeeper’s Agents arrived too and sold the Great American Writers’ profound works to the Prodigious Publishers, and they in turn, sold the works, en masse, to The Prolific Readers. In due course, everyone in this strange new world flourished.

Then on the second day, the Aspiring Writer honed his craft and sought to be accepted in the new world too, so that his own literary work would be read and treasured by all the Prolific Readers. And so it was written, legions of new Aspiring Writers were turned away and were left standing, rejected, at the walls of the Book World, with their egos wounded, and their written word discarded in a pile of slush, and denounced by the Gatekeeper’s Agents.

By the third day, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the median income for The Great American Writer in the Book World was $55,420 per year or $26.64 per hour. When the Aspiring Writer read this report, he fell to his knees and cried, because he had dreamt of fame and fortune, and the hopes of staking a claim in this strange, new world where so many early adopters were striking it rich. But still, the Aspiring Writer continued to write because it had become his life’s aspiration to be accepted into the Book World. For after all, writing was all he ever wanted to do, even if it meant he would be scantily paid once he got beyond the walls and into the glorious realm of the Book World.

By the fourth day, the Aspiring Writers’ rolled up their sleeves and searched high and low for a Gatekeeper’s Agent to represent his work to the Prodigious Publisher Lords that controlled the Book World, and found none. Back at the entrance gate, the Gatekeeper’s Agents who weren’t accepting queries, stopped them from entering again, and the Aspiring Writers’ fell to their knees again and cried in hopelessness and desperation. Everything became meaningless outside of the Book World. The land outside was dark, and bleak, without form and meaning.

On the fifth day, the Aspiring Writers revolted and decided to publish their own books, while the notable Great American Writers with their Gatekeeper Agents and Prodigious Publishers  called the Aspriring Writers by a new name: Self-Published.

But, by  the sixth day the Prolific Readers began to find what the Aspiring Writers wrote, and the Gatekeeper Agents, together with the Prodigious Publishers, fell to their knees and cried.

And on the seventh day, the God of Books, a great force in all the Earth, called Amazon, spoke to the Aspiring Writers and said, “Take Control with Independent Publishing. With my independent publishing services you can reach millions of readers worldwide and keep control of your own work. It’s fast and easy to publish your print book with CreateSpace, your digital book with Kindle Direct Publishing and create an audiobook with ACX. “

And, with that, the Self Published flourished, and it was a whole new world.