To Be Uncouth

Random photo, gleaned from the web.

To Be Uncouth

I’m thinking about the word “uncouth”.   It’s one of my all time favorite words.  It means to lack in manners, refinement or grace. Refinement and grace are both learned behaviors throughout a long period of time. People are excused, in my book, from lacking in refinement or grace because maybe they weren’t ever exposed to what those things are.  Simply put, you can’t blame someone for becoming a product of their environment.   In some people’s lives, being graceful and refined isn’t a requirement to live and breathe, and that’s alright.  But, lacking in good manners is inexcusable in my opinion, because all you have to do is open your eyes and look around you to find good people with good manners to use as your examples throughout your lifetime.  I think the word “uncouth” has the propensity to open up all sorts of debates about nature vs. nurture.  Does anyone want to debate or spar with me on this one? 

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