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Tonia Gould | See.Me.

Check out my portfolio called Roadography, a series of portraits captured and edited completely from an iPhone while in motion. The entire collection has been shot from the passenger perspective in cars, planes and trains, or otherwise moving vehicles. These photographs remind me that even while in motion, the world is still tangible and within my reach, if only I could slow down and enjoy it. I’ve come to love the graininess and imperfections of taking photographs from a mobile phone in an world that would otherwise be passing me by. 

Click here and don’t forget to vote for me in this international photography competition:  Tonia Gould | See.Me

2 thoughts on “Tonia Gould | See.Me

  1. You should download PhotoForge2, Tonia. It’s the best photo app that I’ve seen on the iPhone 4 to date.

  2. Thanks, Cory. I’ll give it a look.

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