What If All My Followers Donated Just $10? You May be Surprised.

I have precisely 3,154 followers on Twitter.  What if every one of them donated just $10 to the Finding Corte Magore project?  We’d raise enough money ($31,540) to buy a panga, outfit it with a teacher(s) and enough school supplies to keep our floating educational barge on the water for one full year – delivering education to the remote indigenous regions of the South Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region (RACCS) in Nicaragua. CEDEHCA – the human rights organization we are aligned with – can traverse this region daily, serving some of the world’s most poor who currently have no access to school or books or learning supplies.

Our educational barge will depart right from our own dock at our 29-acre island on Corte Magore at Hog Cay – Bluefields, Nicaragua.

What if you could be a part of something great like that? We are currently looking for a corporate sponsor for our educational barge, but just $10 can make all the difference in the world. Please go to our website and click the PayPal link at the top make your $10 (or any amount you can give or afford) tax-deductible donation to our California Benefit Corp and that money will flow to our joint partnership with Ambassador Campbell on our 29-acre island of Corte Magore at Hog Cay, Nicaragua. You can make a difference by contributing now.

Tonia Allen Gould

Thought Leader

the Finding Corte Magore project

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