A Testimonial of a Lifetime

This private message appeared on my book’s, Samuel T. Moore of Corte MagoreFacebook page yesterday.  Sometimes, we just want to hear that we are making a difference and we’re doing it right. It’s feedback like this that ignites me and fuels my passion for writing books for children. I’m indebited and grateful this person took the time to reach out to me. 

book jacket

May 21st, 12:12pm

I just wanted to thank you for creating a fun, educational & totally magical experience for children. There is nothing that compares to an excellent book for a child. I am the proud grandma of a curious 2yr old girl who loves books more than any toy. I am a former teacher, so I have guided her from before she was born. I was reading to her in utero. I think authors and animators don’t receive the gratitude they deserve. So I wanted to applaud you and thank you for the gifts you extend to all the little people in the world. I don’t own a copy. I read a copy a friend had and I was so impressed. I have a Masters Degree in English. I review books for a few major publishers…but they never allow me the enjoyment of reviewing children’s books….only long boring adult literature. I read the copy of your book my friend’s child had left out on the table. I LOVED it. If I was still teaching, I would be pulling strings to get you to speak at the school….not many authors have the ability to create an endearing character as well as create a magical world kids will want to return to again and again. You are a force to be reckoned with. I wish you great success.   -Kimberly Wright Shadwick

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