Telling a Different Story Through Differentiation

Porsche Macan

I test drove a very nice car yesterday, the Porsche Macan, my idea of a zippy and creative, mom-car on caffeine and steroids. After winding-up with a bonafide lemon the last time I bought an SUV (don’t ask, it makes me crazy); I wanted to be sure I covered all my bases on my next purchase. Poised with questions, I eventually asked the salesman, “How fast does it go from 0-60?” He turned to me and said, “Don’t you really want to know how fast it stops? Check to make sure it’s safe, and then slam on the brakes.”

While I pondered his question, I got off on a side road, checked my rearview mirror and slammed hard on the brakes. The experience was like no quick braking and traction experience I’ve ever had. There,” he said, “That’s what I want you to remember when you test drive any other car.”

Folks, if you are in sales, that’s a great example of how to differentiate yourself from the competition. I asked a pretty typical question and my salesman gave me a rather untypical response – one that made me think long and hard about what matters most when considering my buying options, and one that’s probably going to make this car stand out above and beyond the rest.


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