Filmmaker, Robert Bella, to Shoot Trip to Nicaragua for Finding Corte Magore

20140609-011310-4390968.jpgI’m honored and delighted that award-winning, filmmaker, Robert Bella, will be traveling to Nicaragua with me to shoot this first trip to Finding Corte Magore.

“Bella” will be traveling with me to a coffee plantation called Zaragoza in La Dalia, outside of Matagalpa where we finally get to meet some of the children we are trying to help in the country. Zaragoza supports childhood education and even erected a small school on the plantation. When the government learned of Zaragoza’s efforts, they stepped in to subsidize the educational venture.

Bella will be joining me as well, as we review the numerous islands for sale in the Bluefields, Nicaragua area. The ultimate goal in having Bella around is to raise awareness for the Finding Corte Magore project and to capture footage for plea video when this thing goes to crowd-funding. When Bella learned he had an opportunity to help raise funds and awareness for such a special cause, through an author who supports literacy domestically and abroad, he didn’t think twice to lend a hand. Bella has film credits in legions of movies such as Colin Fitz Lives! (Director), The Help, I Am Number Four, Real Steel, and Delivery Man. Gayla Nethercott of the Nethercott Agency attached him to the project.


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