Gould advocates child abuse awareness through book

by CHESANIE BRANTLEY Editor-in-Chief, Plainsman Press. Levelland, TX

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An Ode to a Veteran and Handi-Snacks with Their Little Red Sticks

That handsome feller is my Grandfather. He died when I was ten. He served his family and country well. He ruffled my hair with his calloused hands and carried an ample stock of Handi-Snacks cheese and crackers (packed out with the little red stick), just for me. He’d let me spread my cheese over that cracker and watch me stuff my face – and laugh – whenever I was down. And, that was all I needed. Me and my Grandpa, bumping along the back roads of Indiana in his old jalopy, and laughing, with my cheese and crackers. If that ain’t a God Bless America tribute, I don’t know what is.


Vision Statement – The Finding Corte Magore Project

IMG_5660Problem: 42% of all children along the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua drop out of school by sixth grade, if they ever enroll at all.  (The Guardian)

They drop out because they don’t have shoes to walk to school, because they have to watch their siblings while their parents work, or because they themselves have to work to support their families.

They drop out because they see school as pointless.

Guess what?  They’re right.

There are no jobs waiting for students if and when they graduate.  Which means poverty will live on in Nicaragua forever.

Solution: Our project aims to start to reverse this cycle of poverty by driving social good tourism to the South Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region (RACCS) in Nicaragua via the island of Corte Magore at Hog Cay, Nicaragua.  At minimum, our project works like this:

Tourists visit the island, driving revenue to fund…

  • Jobs and job training for locals seeking to better provide for their families, such as eco-building, island maintenance, security, hospitality, transportation, and cooking – skills that parents can take back to their communities to show their children that job security is on the way.
  • Education for students, like a floating educational barge to deliver school supplies to remote areas, after school sports and crafts programs that only students who stay in school can partake in, or on-island biodiversity research camps for older students.

By providing job opportunities for parents and making school meaningful for students, the island will free students to stay in school, go after their dreams, and spread prosperity as they become business-owners, entrepreneurs, tourism professionals, artists, scientists, coders, teachers…

We believe the dreams of children are the most precious resource in Nicaragua – but also the most squandered.  So many dreams go unfulfilled due to poverty.  Every child deserves a shot to go after their dreams, and the Finding Corte Magore Project intends to give it to them.  We believe that achieving their dreams can not only elevate them above their birth circumstances, but also their communities and, over time, their nation.

We’ve secured the island – how would you like to help?

Project hyperlinks

Finding Corte Magore – findingcortemagore.com

Tonia Allen Gould – toniaallengould.com

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The Bones of Freedom

This is a call to open source a poem. How would you make mine better – to honor our Veterans?  


photo by Tonia Allen Gould

Don’t think your freedom is deserved because they served – that’s absurd. It’s not just a word. Freedom is a privilege granted you. Paid by sacrifice – in red, white and blue. But, have you paid back your due?

Are you being a good citizen? Respecting your fellow men? Showing up to vote again? Fighting for what you believe in? Showing gratitude to whom you depend? Time and time and time, again?

The tax on freedom is to do your part

From the start…

And from your heart…

Do they really have your loyalty?

Those men and woman who keep us free? 

Or, is this just another fruitless holiday? 

One where you get to stay… 

At home – with pay?

-TA Gould

Top Five Writing Mistakes in a Handy Infographic

Last year during NaNoWriMo, Grammarly worked with nearly 500 writers from 54 countries to crowdsource a novel. They analyzed the resulting 40,000 or so words and uncovered some writing mistakes that happened time and again, then summarized the top five in a handy infographic.

Reprinted with permission. Infographic and body content of the article attributed to https://www.grammarly.com/grammar-check

My Not-Quite Homemade #GlutenFree, #EggFree, Extraordinary Pumpkin Pancakes

Tonia’s Pancakes

FIRST – Buy Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free Pancake Mix.

Follow the recipe, but double it, and  substitute every egg with one tablespoon of Trader Joe’s pumpkin butter. I also used canola oil in the recipe (butter optional).

Pour batter onto a hot griddle spritzed with coconut oil spray. Cook until lightly brown and flip.

Remove and stack two on a plate. Drizzle with melted butter. Skip the syrup and dollop with pumpkin butter. Garnish with a basil leaf.



What If All My Followers Donated Just $10? You May be Surprised.

I have precisely 3,154 followers on Twitter.  What if every one of them donated just $10 to the Finding Corte Magore project?  We’d raise enough money ($31,540) to buy a panga, outfit it with a teacher(s) and enough school supplies to keep our floating educational barge on the water for one full year – delivering education to the remote indigenous regions of the South Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region (RACCS) in Nicaragua. CEDEHCA – the human rights organization we are aligned with – can traverse this region daily, serving some of the world’s most poor who currently have no access to school or books or learning supplies.

Our educational barge will depart right from our own dock at our 29-acre island on Corte Magore at Hog Cay – Bluefields, Nicaragua.

What if you could be a part of something great like that? We are currently looking for a corporate sponsor for our educational barge, but just $10 can make all the difference in the world. Please go to our website and click the PayPal link at the top make your $10 (or any amount you can give or afford) tax-deductible donation to our California Benefit Corp and that money will flow to our joint partnership with Ambassador Campbell on our 29-acre island of Corte Magore at Hog Cay, Nicaragua. You can make a difference by contributing now.

Tonia Allen Gould

Thought Leader

the Finding Corte Magore project